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Gears 5 comes to Xbox Series X|S with new features

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To celebrate the launch of Xbox Series X|S, Gears 5 is re-releasing today with a suite of technical optimizations for next-gen and new campaign features, including being able to play alongside WWE’s Batista as Marcus Fenix. The Gears 5 campaign update is available today for players with Xbox Game Pass and across Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows 10, and Steam.

Gears 5 has been upgraded and optimized to take advantage of the power of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. If you are making the transition to next-gen from Xbox One, all it takes is a push of a button to download the update and with Smart Delivery you’ll have the Xbox Series X|S Optimized version of Gears 5 at no extra cost.

On Xbox Series X|S, players will experience reduced load times, support for Quick Resume, variable refresh rates, variable-rate shading, and 120 FPS in Versus. On Xbox Series X, visual fidelity jumps to 4K Ultra resolution courtesy of the Ultra-HD pack and Ultra-Spec graphics quality settings previously only available to PC players. Real-time lighting quality is enhanced with the addition of Screen Space Global Illumination and Contract Shadow. Xbox Series X also allows for 60 FPS in campaign cinematics, contributing to a seamless blending of gameplay and cinematics.

Xbox Series X|S Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) is one of the new optimizations that makes a big difference in control responsiveness for Gears 5. In the campaign, input latency is reduced by 40% and in Versus MP, this latency is reduced up to 60% over Xbox One X, meaning that player inputs translate to movement on screen much faster, allowing for an incredibly immersive and competitive experience. On Xbox One consoles, this baseline latency has also been improved – though not to the same degree – to ensure that player skill is the ultimate deciding factor in competitive multiplayer.

input to screen Latency in Gears 5 campaign xbox one x campaign 60 FPS versus xbox series x campaign 60 FPS measures were captured using a 65 inches cx lg oled TV, The values are xbox one x min 74, xbox series x min value 42, xbox one x average 97, xbox series x average 60, xbox one x max 122, xbox series x max 76, xbox one x StdDev 10, xbox series x stdDev 7
input to screen Latency in Gears 5 versus for xbox one x versus xbox series x with 60 FPS versus 120 FPS. The minimum xbox one x at 60 FPS is 64, The minimum xbox series x at 60 FPS is 44, the minimum xbox series x at 120 FPS is 30. The average xbox one x at 60 FPS is 86, the average xbox series x at 60 FPS is 55, the average xbox series x at 120 FPS is 37, the maximum xbox one x at 60 FPS is 108, the maximum xbox series x at 60 FPS is 64, the maximum xbox series x at 120 FPS is 44, the stdDev xbox one x at 60 FPS is 7, the xbox series x at 60 FPS is 5, the xbox series x at 120 FPS is 3. All measures were captured using a 65 inches CX LG OLED TV

As part of the Xbox Series X|S update, The Coalition has refreshed the Gears 5 campaign with several new features, including the option to have Marcus Fenix be played by WWE’s Batista. In addition to updating the Marcus character model in Batista’s image, Batista himself jumped in the voice booth with the team to re-record Marcus’ lines.

Beyond Batista as Marcus, players are now able to take their multiplayer skins into the campaign for all playable characters. Love the Skeleton Suit Kait character skin? Play through the whole campaign with her! Since Gears 5 cinematics scenes are rendered in real-time, character skin changes will carry over to cinematics as well. And if you want to give your weapons some love, your weapon skins will also be available to fully customize your in-game look.

To modify how the campaign plays, players can choose from a set of “mutators” that alter gameplay or add fun, visual flair to the festivities. Want to play with the Sketched outlines art style and exploding headshots? Now you can.

For the masochists out there, the team has added two new difficulty modifiers to test even the most seasoned Gears players. Ironman mode requires completing the campaign without dying and Inconceivable mode is diabolical – good luck Gears. Need a leg up to get through the new difficulties? Bring Jack’s progression from your regular campaign to expand your arsenal!

Gears fans have fallen in love with Gabe Diaz, Kait’s father and the protagonist of Gears Tactics, which makes its console debut today. We’re pleased to announce that Armored Gabe Character Skin is coming to Gears 5 multiplayer modes, free for all Gears Tacticsplayers that play or have played the tutorial of Gears Tactics. The skin will be available starting with Operation 5, and we are happy to bring such beloved Gears Tacticscharacter to Gears 5.

No update is complete without Achievements, so complete these five new ones for 95 Gamerscore.

Ironed OutComplete all chapters in Ironman Mode on Experienced difficulty or above50
That’s Inconceivable!Complete all chapters on Inconceivable difficulty30
Showin’ a little skinComplete a chapter of the Campaign while using a Custom Skin5
Just showing it offKill 10 enemies using a weapon with a Custom Skin5
Batista BombComplete all chapters in one Act while Batista as Marcus is enabled5
New achievements for Gears 5

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